Small loan from Switzerland – many borrowers fail

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Loans are granted in thousands every day in Germany. Whether a small loan with 1,000 dollars or a loan with a very high loan amount: The loan is only available if, as a borrower, you can meet all the requirements that banks attach to lending.

But it is precisely on these preconditions that many borrowers fail. They mainly struggle with the Credit Bureau, in which negative entries have accumulated. This actually means that no lending can take place. Despite all of this, a loan is possible under certain circumstances despite a negative Credit Bureau entry. You can find out what these are here.

The loan from Switzerland

The loan from Switzerland

German banks only grant a loan despite a negative Credit Bureau entry if you can name at least one co-applicant who has no problems with Credit Bureau. That is why many borrowers are drawn abroad. You cannot show a co-applicant and therefore try your luck with a foreign loan. And these attempts are usually quite successful.

Banks from abroad cannot query Credit Bureau. The data stored there is traditionally only available to German banks and companies. That is why the banks from Switzerland cannot guess at the difficulties with the Credit Bureau. They generally grant their loans without the Credit Bureau and base their collateral on other things. For example, despite a negative Credit Bureau entry from Switzerland, you only have to be able to show a permanent job from which you can get a good income.

Small loan of 3,500 dollars

Small loan of 3,500 dollars

If so, you can expect a small loan of up to 3,500 dollars. The money is either transferred to an account or can be paid out directly if desired. The interest on a Swiss loan is slightly higher than on a German installment loan. For this, the loan offers from Switzerland are safe, fair and always serious. If you choose it, you don’t have to worry about hidden traps or additional costs.

Tip: You can take out a loan from Switzerland directly in Switzerland or via the Internet. All you have to do is go to the bank’s website and fill out an appropriate form.

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